Residual income affiliate programs
Promoting residual income affiliate programs is simple common sense.
*A residual income affiliate program is an affiliate program that pays you recurring payment ( ie. monthly / quarterly / yearly ).

For example : If you promote an autoresponder company such as Aweber and make a sale, you will make that same amount of money every month for as long as that customer stays with that autoresponder service.

If you're looking to earn online it makes sense to promote affiliate programs that offer residual recurring income. Rather than just getting a one time commission for your sales you get paid commissions regularly , usually monthly or yearly.

Here's some good residual income affiliate programs that pay ..

Aweber - recurring commission rate is 30% for customer accounts.

Armand Morins Marketing Tutorials

John Reese’s Opportunity

Private Label Product Reviews - Earn 40% commissions on Recurring and Annual Sales.

1BodyCare - 2-Tier BodyCare Affiliate Program pays 30%+10% commissions on high demand, quality body care solutions.

Life of Learning - You receive 50% of qualifying revenues from each first-time sale made to each visitor referred through your site.

You receive 10% of qualifying revenues from all subsequent sales beyond the first-time sale made to each of your referred visitors. (This is a lifetime commission structure)

You receive 15% of the commissions paid to any 2nd-tier affiliate who you refer into the Program.

Wordtracker - You earn 15% of every sale that is generated via your link. Anyone that joins the affiliate program from your link automatically becomes your sub-affiliate.

You earn a 5% commission from all their sales. When a customer comes from your site, this is your referral forever.

Even if the customer decides to purchase another product today or next year. If they initially came from your site and you’re still an active partner, you get the commission.

Article Marketer - You earn 25% direct commission on any Article Marketer sales you generate, and 5% second tier commission whenever someone you refer as an affiliate makes a sales.

Affiliate Classroom

Armand Morin’s Generator Software Affiliate Program

Shopster - Ecommerce , dropshipping & more.

Receive $5 for every new customer that signs up for a Shopster 14-day free trial with a valid credit card.

$25 per Monthly Subscriber – Receive $20 commission + the $5 bounty on each sale of a Monthly Subscription (Product Source or PowerMerchant).

$70 per Annual Subscriber – Receive $65 commission + the $5 bounty on the sale of an Annual Subscription (Product Source or PowerMerchant). 

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